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> Dear list,
> I've stumbled upon a serious issue that has not been discussed before. 
> Somewhere around May 2015 kernel files was moved to 
> /usr/lib/modules/<kernelver>, which are then copied to /boot in post 
> scriptlets [1]. The issue is that such files are marked with %ghost because 
> they don't exist initially and are being copied when installed. Now because 
> of that rpm (rpm -qV) can't verify the files attributes correctly and heck 
> even doesn't point out if they don't exist at all as it is the case if dnf 
> fails in the middle of transaction. Because of that I've opened a bug report 
> [2], but it was closed because that was supposedly intended, but looking at 
> mailing list archive, I don't see this particular issue being raised and 
> frankly in my opinion marking files that are responsible to boot the system 
> as %ghost should not happen. %ghost should be used only when there is not any 
> other option left in case when files truly doesn't exist and its integrity 
> could not be verified in advance.

What is the result you expect from this email?  You filed a bug, it
was closed because the packaging was done intentionally and there is
no other solution when considering the original reasons for the
change.  I'm not sure if you want the original change reverted
entirely or what you would like to see, but "I don't like this" isn't
really productive.  Also, using rpm -qV as an indication that kernel
installation is correct and bootable is simply never going to work
anyway.  The initramfs is generated at kernel installation time, and
therefore has to be marked as %ghost.  If that is missing, your
machine doesn't boot with that kernel.  If the grub config file
doesn't get updated, your machine doesn't boot with that kernel.

What suggestion do you have for a solution?

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