> What is the result you expect from this email?  You filed a bug, it
was closed because the packaging was done intentionally and there is
no other solution when considering the original reasons for the
change.  I'm not sure if you want the original change reverted
entirely or what you would like to see, but "I don't like this" isn't
really productive.  Also, using rpm -qV as an indication that kernel
installation is correct and bootable is simply never going to work
anyway.  The initramfs is generated at kernel installation time, and
therefore has to be marked as %ghost.  If that is missing, your
machine doesn't boot with that kernel.  If the grub config file
doesn't get updated, your machine doesn't boot with that kernel.

Not having initramfs or grub updated because of scriptlets not executing is 
expected, kernel image and configuration files etc. are however not. I am 
hoping for a discussion on how to potentially do this better without working 
around important rpm features.

> What suggestion do you have for a solution?

Stating the obvious, but why not install files to /boot in the first place as 
it was before. It seems the only logical thing to do until grub and other 
utilities learn how to read from other places.

Also it seems like I am not the right person to answer that question since I 
still don't understand what are the benefits of having these files installed to 
/usr/lib/modules and also having them installed by default? If I understand 
correctly the only purpose they serve is to copy them back to /boot from some 
kind of /usr system image when restoring the system. This doesn't seem to me as 
a reason to install them by default in /usr in the first place.

How about installing the files to /boot by default and making an optional 
subpackage named something like "kernel-stateless" with copies of these files. 
That way whatever needs its presence can depend on this subpackage.
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