On Tue, Mar 6, 2018, at 3:27 AM, Samuel Rakitničan wrote:

> But what are the original reasons exactly? Seems like those files are 
> used by rpm-ostree. 

The `/usr` files are also copied by grubby.  And while it's true *today*
that rpm-ostree adapted to the /usr/lib/modules change, in fact the
rpm-ostree maintainers were never consulted or notified about this
change and we only found out when things broke in Fedora.

And there's been a number of followups since then:

> Fedora until this date still uses rpm as a default 
> package manager 

You're not the first to say or imply "rpm-ostree" is not "rpm based",
but I still find it funny.   It's right there in the name of the project!
It's just *also* ostree based.  More about this
and in my recent Devconf.cz talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWoFpOoA-tE

> and I don't see why they need to be present by default. 
> Especially because:
> 1. Wasting space when installed
> 2. Breaking rpm feature

Hm, it's a bit surprising to me that the `20-grubby.install` doesn't
pass `--reflink=auto` to `cp`, or actually try to use hardlinks.
That'd probably be an easy patch.
If you have /boot as the same partition, at least ostree does both of those
so you won't actually duplicate space.

As far as `rpm -V`, on ostree-based systems that's spelled `ostree fsck`,
although you still *can* run `rpm -V`.

In practice though honestly rpm-ostree today *doesn't* require "kernel in 
because since
we effectively enforce it, regardless of what the kernel.rpm does.  (We need
this for RHEL7 which hasn't made this change, and our dynamic path translation
on import also allows us to e.g. fix up everything for UsrMove, etc.)

So if someone were to try to revert this I wouldn't care too much either way.

But of course I have to say: if you want a fully transactional update system 
for your host, so you're
never worried about interrupted updates and trying to `rpm -V` your kernel, 
what rpm-ostree is today.

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