On 02/27/2018 07:22 PM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le mardi 27 février 2018 à 18:34 +0100, Robert-André Mauchin a écrit :

How do we test this? I installedtho go-srpm-macros from Rawhide but it
doesn't seem to have the required macros?
Yes in rawhide go-compilers and go-srpm-macros are in an intermediary
not fully tested/integrated state.

The original PR that matched what's in the wiki and is known to work is

Just grab the files rebuild the resulting go-compilers package and
you're set to try it on your projects (in a fedora-devel buildroot)

I'll try to mix it with all the nice work Jan did to keep all the parts
where he improved the implementation without the loss of integration
polish of the go-srpm-macros and go-compilers packages he pushed to
fedora-devel. And I definitely do not want something that requires
rewriting the wiki once again :)


The latest go-srpm-macros and go-compilers ship the latest version of the new macros. Please, let us now if it still does not work for you :).
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