Hello guys, 

with F28 I tried to use autofs and nfs. 
I had the following error “Too many levels of symbolic links”
I had to change SELinux mode to permissive to be able to make autofs usable ... 

But I also discovered that by default mount.nfs and autofs are using NFSv4 and 
cannot switch to NFSv3. 
I had to add an option to /etc/sysconfig/autofs << OPTIONS=" -O vers=3" >> so 
autofs use by default NFSv3... 

I had the following error message with the command
mount -t nfs syno01:/volume1/data /tmp/data
mount.nfs: Protocol not supported

and no error with 
mount -t nfs -o vers=3 syno01:/volume1/data /tmp/data

Is it a normal behaviour or did I miss something ? 

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