Miro Hrončok wrote:
> So apparently the general confusion/problem here is lack of
> communication when removing python2-subpackages.
> Filling a Fedora Change proposal for every single python2 subpackage
> removal feels a bit overengineered. So let's set up some basic rules
> about what to do when a python2 subpackage is being removed. E.g. do it
> in rawhide only, send an announcement do devel, wait X days, etc.

How about just NOT removing the subpackage to begin with if there is no 
strong reason to (such as upstream dropping support)?

It is not even clear at this time that python2 will really end up eradicated 
and not picked up as e.g. qt3 was. Removing the python2-* subpackages just 
because they depend on python2 is a very premature move.

        Kevin Kofler
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