Jens-Ulrik Petersen wrote:
> Failing all this should we drop the Serif fonts for Japanese and Korean -
> but it seems unfair to single them out?

So just drop ALL the CJK Serif fonts, and also the monospace ones (CJK Sans 
is essentially monospaced anyway), bringing us back to where we were in F26 
(except that we were also using smaller fonts than Noto there, may be worth 
reverting to those, too).

And IMHO the KDE and LXQt Spins should revert to shipping only
wqy-microhei-fonts and no other CJK fonts. They never promised CJK support 
beyond "we can bring up SOME rendering for every character of the typical 
SC/TC/J/K text" (and the support is and has always been read-only anyway, no 
input methods).

        Kevin Kofler
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