The error:

DEBUG  BUILDSTDERR:  Problem: conflicting requests
DEBUG  BUILDSTDERR:   - nothing provides python2-oauthlib
needed by python2-requests-oauthlib-0.8.0-5.el7.noarch
DEBUG  Child return code was: 1

This same package builds fine using copr (done so here):

The spec file entry (that works fine for epel7 on Copr) is:
BuildRequires: python2-requests-oauthlib
BuildRequires: python2-oauthlib

This entry just produces an error that all requirements couldn't be met and
the scratch build aborts then too.
BuildRequires: python-oauthlib

It appears to be an upstream issue... a missing entry in the
python-oauthlib such as:
Provides: python2-oauthlib

I originally thought maybe i should be filing an issue with the oauthlib
group, but then if that were the case, it wouldn't have worked perfectly
fine on Copr.

Thoughts? Advice?

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