Hi Mikolaj

> I thought of using names in format "stream-${name}-${stream}" (eg.
stream-scala-2.10), but I can use "${name}-${stream}" (scala-2.10)
format too - consistency between modules is more important than
maintainer personal preferences.

I just checked current modules' situation in f29 module repository.
Maybe this list shows all the module or most modules in it.
The result is here.

So, current package branch name patterns are

* "stream-${name}-${stream}": 2 (postgresql, varnish)
* "${name}-${stream}": 1 (ruby (but not created yet))
* Both "${name}-${stream}" and "${stream}": 1 (kubernetes)
* "${stream}": 11

Remarkable case is kubernetes module.
2 types of module stream names: 1.10, openshift-3.10
2 types of package branch names: 1.10, openshift-3.10
1.10 is maybe used like a kubernetes-1.10 branch.

There is no "${name}-${stream}" except ruby I thought I would create it.

As the examples of package branch names are defined explicitly
referring http://calver.org/ .
In the point of consistency of "current" modules, it might be better
to align with a kubernetes module's style.

That is
* As a first branch name: "${stream}"
* As a 2nd branch name: foo-${stream}

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