On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 1:01 AM Florian Weimer <fwei...@redhat.com> wrote:
> * Chris Murphy:
> > Summary of findings (restated, but basically the same as found at [2]):
> > Test system, Macbook Pro, Intel Core i7-2820QM (4/8 cores), 8GiB RAM,
> > Samsung SSD 840 EVO, Fedora Rawhide Workstation.
> Do you use the built-in Intel graphics?  Can you test with something
> else?

Only intel graphics. The AMD GPU on the test system is
non-functional/defective. Other systems only have Intel graphics. I
have tested this in a VM which I think is qxl graphics (?), and I get
the same results, with minimal sample size. It seems like the oom
happens more often and sooner on the VM, but that might because the VM
is necessarily even more resource constrained than the host. But I
have reproduced the total and seemingly indefinite hang. The results
aren't completely deterministic, whether baremetal or VM. They're all
"failures" in one form or another, but how they fail does differ run
to run. And that's expected because to what degree I'm simultaneously
browsing in Firefox, how many tabs are open, other programs being
used, the user is a cause of that non-determinism and is a relevant

Chris Murphy
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