On Thu, Nov 07, 2019 at 06:18:46PM +0100, Nicolas Mailhot via devel wrote:
> > > 
> > > DoH has zero integration and manageability. “It’s not centralized”
> > > (but
> > > you have to set manually DoH settings in all apps *or* rely on a
> > > centralized Google DoH whitelist) is an utter joke.
> > 
> >   Setting in all apps? Excuse me?  You run your stub DoH resolver
> > on ::1 and put ::1 in resolv.conf. 
> That won't be honored by DoH-enabled apps that refuse to honor system
> resolution.
> That won't be honoured by all the other things on your network, unless
> you reparameter every and each one of them by hand (assuming they
> support DoH, or allow setting a DNS resolver manually in the first
> place)
> That won't be honoured by the smartphone of your visitors, by their pet
> smart collar, etc, unless you spend 15 minutes figuring how to
> reconfigure them at the start of their visit, and reconfigure them back
> at the end. Don't bother giving them your wifi code.
> So, no smart tv, no internet radio, no smart toaster, no resolved
> network path to your gaming console, no nothing for them. Back to the
> dark ages where nothing worked by default, networks were an enterprise-
> only thing, and ISPs felt entitled to charge multiples if you plugged
> more than one computer at the end of their cable.

  Here's a network management lesson for you:
- run DoH resolver* not on ::1, but on IP available on your LAN
- put above IP in DHCP and RA replies
- bam! every device you mentioned uses DoH to resolve

* I'm not aware of any packaged for Fedora, I'm using
  https://github.com/m13253/dns-over-https myself

> That's what your single-system “solution” actually means.
> Using DoH today means, in practical terms, using Google-approved
> resolvers, and names Google know of (bye bye private networks) because
> that's the only common ground DoH apps agree on, and the only practical
> way to synchronize DoH naming results with the rest of the network
> world.

  You seem to have some Google-fixation.  I'll refrain from continuing
this thread, you seem to be arguing against protocol, instead of
reaching consensus on how to provide tools for it in Fedora.

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