I was an early adopter and used BTRFS for many years, singing its praises.
I was particularly interested in the RAID capabilities.  Then in 2016 the
bomb was dropped that:

"It turns out the RAID5 and RAID6 code for the Btrfs file-system's built-in
RAID support is faulty and users should not be making use of it if you care
about your data.

There has been this mailing list thread
since the end of July about Btrfs scrub recalculating the wrong parity in
RAID5. The wrong parity and unrecoverable errors has been confirmed by
multiple parties. The Btrfs RAID 5/6 code has been called as much as fatally
<https://www.mail-archive.com/linux-btrfs@vger.kernel.org/msg55179.html> --
"more or less fatally flawed, and a full scrap and rewrite to an entirely
different raid56 mode on-disk format may be necessary to fix it. And what's
even clearer is that people /really/ shouldn't be using raid56 mode for
anything but testing with throw-away data, at this point. Anything else is
simply irresponsible."

The current situation as I understand it is the problem is "mostly fixed" -
whatever that means.

So, BTRFS is great, ready for prime time... many people are using it, etc.
etc. etc. until something goes wrong and then you get... well, it's
experimental and not intended for production.  Sucks to be you.

At some point you have to fish or cut bait.  I was under the impression
that Redhat had done exactly that with the announcement and direction of

Why are we not concentrating on Stratis and XFS?  Seems to me after waiting
for almost a decade for the promise of BTRFS to be fulfilled and then
having so many
people be burned, we should be turning the page rather than continuing to
rehash the same old arguments.
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