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    On 6/27/20 4:53 PM, Gerald B. Cox wrote:
     > production workloads.  People then mention Facebook uses it...
    but my
> understanding is that Facebook is "testing it in production". They don't RELY
     > on it in production.  Why do we want to push something out like
    that as a default?

    Huh?  We absolutely rely on it in production, our whole container
    system is
    built around it.  It's literally the only thing that works with IO
    with cgroups.  IDK where you're getting your information, but its
    wrong.  It's
    deployed on millions of machines, most of our infrastructure is
    built around
    using multiple core features.  Thanks,

Actually, I got my information here: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Production_Users

Since you're responding here now, I'm assuming you're speaking officially for the BTRFS project.  Could you please either give the up-to-date official status or point me to some project information that has been kept current?

So you're saying now that BTRFS is now officially production ready?

That wiki page you linked to has stated that it's deployed on millions of servers - since the edit on 10 November 2018:



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