On 6/30/20 11:38 AM, Tom Seewald wrote:
> The primary areas of concern I have about Fedora dropping grub2 and BIOS boot 
> support are:

nicely summarized.

> 4. Support documentation for sd-boot
> Would this result in changes to how users access the boot menu, select a boot 
> entry, or edit the kernel command line, etc? These actions of course aren't 
> expected to be common but when they are needed it tends to be when a user is 
> already experiencing problems and is under stress. Therefore if there are 
> changes, hopefully these will be clearly documented to avoid confusion.

Is this proposed dropping of grub only for 'desktop' Fedora?
 iiuc, server/workstation instances share the same underpinnings?

For server/workstation, "access the boot menu, select a boot entry, or edit the 
kernel command line" are certainly NOT _uncommon_.

Very often, particularly when tracking closely with upstream latest releases, 
they're very often _necessary_.

re: sd-boot docs, grub -- for both BIOS & UEFI -- has available encyclopedic & 
thorough documentation.

its configs are also wonderfully portable.  including/across the countless 
other distros that (will) continue to use/support it.

*dropping* grub for the next bright-n-shiny seems to make little sense.  
*adding* "sd-boot" (tbh, i've never come across an instance of it in use. 
anywhere.), and support *both* -- whether or not it's 'bloat -- doesn't make 
much sense either.
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