Yes...Dropping support for BIOS will enable us to switch to
systemd-boot, which is the benefit. But just out of curiosity, what is
the benefit of switching from GRUB to systemd-boot.

Dropping support for 32-bit x86 surely can make maintainers be free
from one old platform (and less package to compile... etc.). But
supporting BIOS is just work for GRUB (and anaconda, not system-wide)
and when system is booted, BIOS or UEFI won't show such a significant
difference, not so great work is put into this.

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson <> 于2020年6月30日周二 下午9:34写道:
> Given Hans proposal [1] introduced systemd/grub2/Gnome upstream changes
> it beg the question if now would not be the time to stop supporting
> booting in legacy bios mode and move to uefi only supported boot which
> has been available on any common intel based x86 platform since atleast
> 2005.
> Now in 2017 Intel's technical marketing engineer Brian Richardson
> revealed in a presentation that the company will require UEFI Class 3
> and above as in it would remove legacy BIOS support from its client and
> datacenter platforms by 2020 and one might expect AMD to follow Intel in
> this regard.
> So Intel platforms produced this year presumably will be unable to run
> 32-bit operating systems, unable to use related software (at least
> natively), and unable to use older hardware, such as RAID HBAs (and
> therefore older hard drives that are connected to those HBAs), network
> cards, and even graphics cards that lack UEFI-compatible vBIOS (launched
> before 2012 – 2013) etc.
> This post is just to gather feed back why Fedora should still continue
> to support legacy BIOS boot as opposed to stop supporting it and
> potentially drop grub2 and use sd-boot instead.
> Share your thoughts and comments on how such move might affect you so
> feedback can be collected for the future on why such a change might be
> bad, how it might affect the distribution and scope of such change can
> be determined for potential system wide proposal.
> Regards
>               Jóhann B.
> 1.
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