So the last two times thermald was proposed (first as a F32 change proposal, then more recently to the Workstation WG) it was rejected on the grounds that it was not useful without dptfxtract installed. Now it's clear that everybody was mistaken about that, so seems it makes sense to reconsider.

I have a couple questions. First, why is thermal management occurring in userspace? Can you please provide a technical explanation as to why the kernel is not the right place for this code?

On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 11:53 am, Richard W.M. Jones <> wrote:
Is there some background about why dptfxtract is proprietary?  (I see
that it's a program provided by Intel.)  Is it just because no one's
done the work to make a free equivalent or does it require some
secret/patented/whatever knowledge to work?

I'm also interested in this question. In particular, since thermald and dptfxtract are both the same upstream, it seems really hostile to the open source community for thermald to perform better if you have this extra proprietary portion of the project installed.


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