Hi Chris,

Unless someone else has seen this, I think we need more detail on how to
reproduce it.

Can you write down the steps it takes to get a "gray activity circle"? 
Include the version of XO software you are running: 

It may be that you are double clicking to start an activity. That can 
cause a second activity instance to try and start then fail and leave an 
icon in the frame. That's the only thing that comes to mind without more 


Greg S


From: jns-cmarsh...@comcast.net
Subject: anonymous gray activity circles
To: devel@lists.laptop.org

Is there a way to prevent the
anonymous gray activity circles
in the frame?  Some X apps
seem to accumulate circles with
no way i have been able to
determine to remove "dead" ones.
I tried to google the list but was
not able to generate useful links.


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