Greg Smith wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Unless someone else has seen this, I think we need more detail on how to
> reproduce it.

os767 and Firefox-6 activity
start firefox
click on a file link to download
exit firefox after
left a gray circle

(Actually, it almost always leaves behind one
or more circles but I have not done exhaustive
testing to determine how many or under what
conditions.  It would be easier to start from
an understanding of how the circle gets there
to begin with (what is being used to trigger
the circle's appearance)...


> Can you write down the steps it takes to get a "gray activity circle"? 
> Include the version of XO software you are running: 
> It may be that you are double clicking to start an activity. That can 
> cause a second activity instance to try and start then fail and leave an 
> icon in the frame. That's the only thing that comes to mind without more 
> detail.
> Thanks,
> Greg S
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> From:
> Subject: anonymous gray activity circles
> To:
> Is there a way to prevent the
> anonymous gray activity circles
> in the frame?  Some X apps
> seem to accumulate circles with
> no way i have been able to
> determine to remove "dead" ones.
> I tried to google the list but was
> not able to generate useful links.
> --Chris
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