> Some X apps seem to accumulate circles with no way
> I have been able to determine to remove "dead" ones.

I happen to have "sugarized" Sonata.  [There appears to be some 
"uncertainty" in the launching of the mpd daemon that performs the 
actual playback.]  I do not mind the Sonata gray circle while the 
"Activity" is running.  On Joyride-2610, if I exit from Sonata by 
hovering on its gray circle in Frame, and clicking 'Stop' in the 
palette Frame shows me, the "Activity" seems to quit without leaving 
the gray circle behind.

But [probably depending on the state of the mpd daemon] if I exit 
from Sonata by clicking on the octagonal 'Stop sign' in the top bar, 
sometimes an anonymous gray activity circle gets left in Frame.

It would be nice if there were a way for an user to remove "dead" 
circles from Frame.


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