> Here's a short code tour for your enjoyment.

Thank you very much, Michael.  This is very helpful.

Would it be possible for you (or someone else) to similarly 
enumerate the conditions under which 'anonymous gray activity 
circles' are made to disappear ?

I don't have difficulty with gray circles while activities are 
running (I can figure out which circle is which session) -- but it 
leaves an untidy impression when the session itself goes away, but 
the gray circle does not.  [In fact, I once saw so many leftover 
gray circles that the top bar of Frame showed "arrowheads" for the 
viewer to scroll back and forth within the "ActivitiesTray".]

Maybe if I can understand *why* gray circles might persist, I might 
be able to think of a way to force leftover useless ones to go away. 
[I would guess a gray circle left behind by a <defunct> session 
could only be gotten rid of by restarting Sugar.]


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