peter wrote:
 > >  II. - What for me is an inhibitor is the bugzilla section "tell us how to
 > > reproduce the problem".  I have no desire whatsoever to try to describe how
 > > to obtain the Fluendo mp3 codec for an XO, nor how to follow its
 > > instructions for seeing if it works.  I have even less desire to describe
 > > where I obtained a static-linked Mplayer, nor how I have set up my XO for
 > > playing movies.  [Both the mp3 codec and the Mplayer application work fine
 > > in 8.2.1.]  What good would it do for me to enter a bugzilla report?  A
 > > dozen people would ask me for more information, and for more "try this and
 > > try that".  I have better things to do with my time.
 > Well, firstly if they're statically compiled applications that aren't
 > shipped in Fedora there's no point filing bugs in Fedora about them as
 > they aren't supported.

but surely the APIs that they use _are_ supported, no?

 > But if your going to have an attitude of its a
 > waste of your time, I won't waste my time trying to get them to work
 > for you.

if mikus is having these problems, children with laptops will
too.  i'm sorry to hear someone who has done a _lot_ of very
patient bug reporting and testing (and documentation, i believe)
being dismissed like this.

"no point in filing bugs"?  let's all pack it in and go home. 
send the bug reports straight to nicholas.

that being said, as a developer, i understand that a bug report
with missing background information is difficult to deal with. 
mikus -- even attaching the static mplayer binary to the bug
report, with an explanation that it used to work on 8.2, and now
it doesn't, would be better than nothing.

 > >> What do you mean by 'moving
 > >> pictures', do you mean recording video or playing video?
 > >
 > > I don't try to record video - so I have no idea if it works or not (see 
 > > what
 > > I mean about being asked questions which I don't know how to answer?).  The
 > > 'Record' activity does not show me a picture of what the XO camera is
 > > supposed to be seeing.  The 'watch&listen' activity gives me neither 
 > > 'sound'
 > > nor 'moving pictures'.  [IIRC, it can close prematurely.]  Mplayer runs, 
 > > but
 > > gives me neither 'sound' nor anything except a blank screen.
 > I can check the record activity but as mentioned before issues with
 > mplayer and mp3 codecs will need  to be reported to where ever you get
 > them from.

as mikus said, his applications all worked before.  this is a
regression, plain an simple, *with respect to the previous XO releases*.
now, to the extent that fedora doesn't really care about any
specific piece of hardware, especially one which wasn't running
fedora when these things last worked, then i suppose it's
appropriate to ignore the issues.

i think this, and the fact that no one is sure what's broken in
the current fedora-on-XO releases, points to huge holes in the
OLPC plan of record for ongoing support of this product.  unless
some energetic entity is willing to own the actual XO
distribution(s), and be responsible for maintaining a bug list,
and issuing even minimal release notes, i fear for the project. 
(or, rather, i fear that the project will be running 8.2 until
the laptops die.  which wouldn't be the worst possible outcome, i
suppose...  :-/ )

 paul fox,
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