>  My biggest current question is:  When on my XO I enter 'yum check-update'
> (using either the latest SoaS2 .iso or the latest ~cjb/rawhide-xo .img), it
> tells me that there are more than 220 packages at the rawhide repositories
> that are at a more recent version level than those provided by the system on
> my XO.
>  Why don't the SoaS/~cjb distributions contain the latest rawhide packages ?

Because rawhide is a daily moving development target. If there's a
large update (like when rawhide was blocked for the creation of
F11-Beta) there could 100s of updates in a day. See the daily rawhide
report on the fedora-devel list for a general overview.

>> The main and probably most major issues outstanding are the
>> kernel/boot process - so
>> kernel/initscripts/olpcrd/initscripts/upstart/rainbow collection of
>> stuff.... of which I have no real idea about. Updates?
>> The remaining issues are mostly either package deps or getting them
>> into Fedora.
>  If we are talking about 9.1.0, it would be nice if 'sound' and 'moving
> pictures' worked in F-11 on the XO.  Currently they don't.

Are there bugzilla reports for these? What do you mean by 'moving
pictures', do you mean recording video or playing video?

>  I agree that 'suspend' (or even power-off on 'shutdown') would improve the
> usability of F-11 on the XO.

I believe this is being worked on.

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