> Does the XO-1 host its own development tools?  

For all practical purposes, it does not.

First, as you have noted, it takes quite a bit of bandwidth to install the
toolchain and development headers. (And you have to know what they're called.)

Second, to get anything done with C, you really need easy access to the man
pages and you need to know quite a bit about how the system is put together.

Third, you quickly run out of disk space when you try to compile things
locally. I actually got as far as linking vmlinux before I ran out of space on
my on-XO kernel compile. (Nevermind how long it took to get that far with no
swap space! :)

> I don't think anyone has ever rebuilt the system from source code on an XO-1.
> I don't even know anyone outside the OLPC office who *has* the source code for
> an XO-1 software release.  

The source is available from Fedora CVS and from mock.laptop.org.

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