On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 09:33:22AM +0200, tw_bolek wrote:
> So my question is: is this some kind of taboo subject, or something of as 
> little importance that for over 4 months now no Jollan has said A WORD about 
> it despite numerous requests?
> A couple of my friends already gave up after waiting so long for even just 
> any information, and I must say that I'm slowly losing hope, too.  We all 
> understand and are aware of the enormous job Jolla has been doing, so we're 
> asking for just INFORMATION about the progress, even just if AT ALL there are 
> any plans to do it in a foreseeable future, and if so then knowing even just 
> as little as if it will take a month or half a year would be all we need...

There will be support for commercial apps and those will have copy protection. 
This was
mentioned bt Rainisto long ago already.

I cannot give more info nor can I give an ETA for that though :/

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