On 16/02/2020 00:30, Chris Johns wrote:
On 2020-02-15 03:02, Sebastian Huber wrote:
This improves API backward compatibility of RTEMS 5.1 to previous

What is the purpose of this change? How does a user wanting backward compatibility use this change?
There may be applications which used rtems_configuration_get_rtems_api_configuration() for diagnostic purposes.

How long do we maintain this interface?
As long as we have a Classic API.

We clearly document users should not create configuration tables and you are working to provide solid interfaces yet we have an interface for backwards compatibility.
We have two interfaces, one that creates the configuration, the documented interface for this is <rtems/confdefs.h> and the configure option. The second interface is there to query the configuration. This is done through the rtems_configuration_*() macros/functions. This patch restores backward compatibility for the configuration query API.

Why in this specific case do we have to do this? Is there an app or user in mind that needs this?
No, I just thought it is a good idea to keep the configuration query API intact.
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