On 16/02/2020 05:31, Gedare Bloom wrote:
On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 4:36 PM Chris Johns <chr...@rtems.org <mailto:chr...@rtems.org>> wrote:

    On 2020-02-15 03:02, Sebastian Huber wrote:
    > Move the idle thread body configuration constant out of the
    > configuration table.
    > Provide a default definition of the idle thread body constant.

    May be I am missing something simple here. How would I provide an
    IDLE task? Is it by providing something like ...

    #include <rtems/score/threadidledata.h>

    const Thread_Idle_body _Thread_Idle_body = My_Idle_body;

I think you do it by a configure macro that confdefs picks up by this line added:
+const Thread_Idle_body _Thread_Idle_body = CONFIGURE_IDLE_TASK_BODY;

It needs some doco ;)

Sorry, my problem is that I am so familiar with this stuff that I don't need documentation. What do you want to have documented and were should it be placed?

When I see a variable/function definition and want to see the Doxygen I just hit an editor key and get it. I don't want to duplicate documentation at the variable/function definition level.

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