On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 12:30 AM Sebastian Huber <
sebastian.hu...@embedded-brains.de> wrote:

> On 16/02/2020 05:31, Gedare Bloom wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 4:36 PM Chris Johns <chr...@rtems.org> wrote:
>> On 2020-02-15 03:02, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> > Move the idle thread body configuration constant out of the
>> > configuration table.
>> >
>> > Provide a default definition of the idle thread body constant.
>> May be I am missing something simple here. How would I provide an custom
>> IDLE task? Is it by providing something like ...
>> #include <rtems/score/threadidledata.h>
>> const Thread_Idle_body _Thread_Idle_body = My_Idle_body;
> I think you do it by a configure macro that confdefs picks up by this line
> added:
> +const Thread_Idle_body _Thread_Idle_body = CONFIGURE_IDLE_TASK_BODY;
> It needs some doco ;)
> Sorry, my problem is that I am so familiar with this stuff that I don't
> need documentation. What do you want to have documented and were should it
> be placed?
> When I see a variable/function definition and want to see the Doxygen I
> just hit an editor key and get it. I don't want to duplicate documentation
> at the variable/function definition level.
seemed to change, so maybe that is just the point to make in the commit.
When we touch things that manipulate configuration, it is important to
understand whether or not it impacts the API. Sometimes that is hard for us
to tell in patch review just by looking quickly.

In the broader sense, the method used to initialize the idle task should be
explained at
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