"Mike A. Harris" wrote:
> On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Mark Vojkovich wrote:
> >> Everywhere
> >> in the driver hex values are given premultiplied by 4 it seems,
> >> and specified as VALUE/4.
> >
> >   The register pointers are dword pointers.  The register offsets
> >are byte offsets.  They are written as VALUE/4 so that I can grep
> >for VALUE.  This is done so that it's easier for me to maintain.
> >Converting everything to dword offsets will make my job more
> >difficult.
> Ah, ok.
> >   I'm not sure why you are bringing this up.
> I'm bringing it up because I have no idea how Nvidia hardware
> works, have no Nvidia documentation, the source code of the
> driver is quite obfuscated by not using symbolic names for
> things, and that was one obfuscation that I thought might be
> something that could be cleaned up.  Having no way of knowing why
> it is coded the way it is other than making a random guess, or by
> asking someone who does know, how is one supposed to find out why
> it is coded this way?
> >I would think it would be obvious that since I am maintaining
> >it, it would be in the form that is easiest for me to maintain.
> Sure, that works fine for me if that is the case, at least once
> it is known that there is a valid reason, and that it is done
> intentionally.
> But don't assume that I can mind read the intentions of an
> obfuscated driver.  Would you prefer other developers and
> potential developers did not ask questions at all, and instead
> went off and worked on other projects?
> Seems every time someone asks for information on how something
> works in the codebase that they don't understand, or asks for
> clarification on something, they can't get a straight or clear
> answer.
> It's really no wonder volunteers get put off from contributing to
> the XFree86 project.

Well, gee, Mike... You're question was filled with negative assumptions
about why the driver might be 'obfuscated'.  You shouldn't take offense
if Mark is a little short with you.  Focus on asking a question, leaving
off the insinuations, and you'll get better answers.

A shorter question like "I'd find it clearer if the nv driver used
#defines for registers rather than hardcoded values.  Does anyone object
to changing it?" would tend to go over smoother.

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