On Oct 13, 2016, at 04:48 AM, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

>Seems to me that the gadget.yaml should specify both actual sizes for
>the various partitions in the image, *and* expected resizing behavior on
>first boot. No need for magic filesystem sizing guesses, a human writes
>gadget.yaml and that would be explicit.

I agree, and LP: #1633141 on both snappy and ubuntu-image should track this

In the meantime, to unblock ogra and others working to build images today, I
have a pull request to add the --image-size option to the ubuntu-image cli.


CI is ongoing, and I'd love it if someone would review/test it in real use
cases.  I have not yet uploaded a snap, but I'm building it in our PPA:


ogra, please give this a whirl once it's built and see if it solves your use
case (and of course doesn't regress for real devices).  If it looks good, I'll
spin an 0.8ubuntu1 release, although I suppose I'll have to SRU it into
Yakkety (yay!) and Xenial, with a release to Z once that archive opens.

0.8ubuntu1 will also contain a fix for LP: #1632134 identified by mvo, which
caused /etc to not be copied to the rootfs, and a few other minor fixes.


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