Hi devs,

Now that we support Nested Pages, I think it would be nice if we had the option 
to install an Extension in a space (i.e. a page from a user POV).

Technically at the Component Manager level, we can already register a component 
at the farm level (root), in the current wiki, in the current space or for the 
current user.

We already have the option to install an extension in a wiki and it would be 
nice to extend that concept to a space.

We also already have the concept of space admin UI.

Of course the app should tell whether it supports being installed in several 
spaces or not.

The use case is simply to be able to install several times a given application.

From a UI perspective, when you go the the space admin UI (called the Page 
Administration for users), you’d have the option to list installed extensions 
and install new extensions (basically what you currently have at the wiki 

Now, the same should be doable also for importing XARs, i.e. also have an 
Import option in the Page Administration UI.


How complex would it be to do that?

Do we already have a JIRA for this (couldn’t find one)?


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