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> Hi devs !
> So, about a month ago, Guillaume Delhumeau started this thread in order
> to determine how we could implement the "in-context" switches of the
> notification center. For those who don’t want to read the original mail,
> it’s about moving the current watchlist mechanism inside of the
> notification center (and by "moving", I mean "rewriting it in a more
> scalable and performant way").
> We talked a lot about how those switches should act if a user is
> subscribed to the page he’s on, or if he is subscribed to a parent page.
> Today, with Guillaume, we managed to implement exclusive notification
> filters that allows us to reproduce the comportment of the current
> watchlist ; so this subject is somehow resolved.
> But, we didn’t talked about how the "in-context" switches should look
> like in practice. Here is what we proposed at the time :
>>   - In each page, add a button to subscribe to the current location:
>>   https://pasteboard.co/GAqEi6M.png (thanks Caty for the mockup)
> With this solution, this would mean removing the current watchlist
> indicators present in the notification tray
> (https://pasteboard.co/GEFyXkR.png).
> What do you think ? Should we keep using those switches or moving them
> in the breadcrumb ?
> Here is my point of view :
> The alert bell in the breadcrumb looks more modern that the toggles that
> we currently have for the watchlist but we have to add a new UIX for the
> breadcrumb if we want to do that.
> Therefore, if we keep the same kind of switches in the notification
> tray, maybe we could profit from this occasion to make them more modern.

Thanks for asking. Here’s my POV:

* I would really like that we don’t add an additional visual cue to the UI. 
We’re already too crowded and we’re trying to reduce the clutter and make it as 
lean as possible. 
* In addition having 2 bells makes it even more complex to understand what is 
doing what for a new user.
* I don’t think that users need to know at every moment if the current page is 
being watched or not. I feel it’s perfectly acceptable if this info is hidden 
under one click as it is now in the Alert zone in the top nav bar.
* The on/off bell idea only allows 2 states but doesn’t allow choices such as: 
watching only this page, watching page + children or watching the current wiki.

So I’d really like that we find a solution that doesn’t involve adding a new UI 

For me the current solution with the 3 switches in the Alert zone is good and 
has the big advantage of not introducing a new UI element.


> Thanks,
> On 07/11/2017 06:26 PM, Guillaume Delhumeau wrote:
>> *TL;DR*
>>   - Add a button in each page that will allow you to subscribe to all
>>   events that happens to that page.
>>   - When you subscribe to a page with this "in-context" bell, it must not
>>   affect your other preferences regarding notifications.
>> *Full Post*
>> Hello developers,
>> With Clément Aubin, we are implementing new features in the Notifications
>> Application in order to be able to remove the Watchlist Application.
>> *Status*
>> Currently, a user can subscribe to different kinds of events (ex: "update",
>> "comment", "blog published", etc...). Recently, we have also added the
>> ability to restrict on which locations we are interested in, for each kind
>> of events. For example, we are now able to say, "for the *update* event,
>> show me notifications only about the wiki ABC and for the *blog post*
>> event, show me notifications only about the space XYZ".
>> If you have no restriction (a.k.a "filters") on an event type, then you
>> receive notifications for every event matching the event type in the wiki,
>> no matter the location of the entity it concerns.
>> *Objectives*
>> In the Watchlist Application, we had 3 switches on the top menu that was
>> displayed on every page, and these switches were "watch this wiki / watch
>> this space / watch this page". That would be great if we could have the
>> same for the notifications.
>> *Proposal*
>>   - Add the ability to subscribe to all events that happen in a given
>>   location, no matter their type (≈ what the watchlist does).
>>   - In each page, add a button to subscribe to the current location:
>>   https://pasteboard.co/GAqEi6M.png (thanks Caty for the mockup)
>>   - Problem: if you previously had no restriction, you suddenly add a new
>>      one that will prevent you to receive any notifications
>> concerning the other
>>      locations. A bit like the rights module: adding a right to
>> someone at some
>>      level will dismiss rights for all other people. I guess we all
>> agree it's a
>>      problem on the User Experience point of view.
>>      - Proposition: the restriction added by the "in-context" button
>>      should be *inactive if there is no other restriction enabled manually
>>      via the notification preferences UI*.
>>      - Rational:
>>         - When you are on the notifications preferences, you can actually
>>            see all restrictions, so you can understand that creating
>> one will make you
>>            lose all notifications that do not honor the restrictions.
>>            - However, when you are on a page, you don't see all the
>>            restrictions. If you click on the "subscribe" bell
>> naively, you might not
>>            expect it will impact all other notifications. It would
>> actually be very
>>            confusing.
>>            - In addition: if we add an "auto-watch" option, that add the
>>   page you just saved to the list of locations you are interested in, we need
>>   to have this feature too. Otherwise saving a document will make all other
>>   notifications silent.
>> That is our plan. Cast you ideas!
>> Thanks,
>> Guillaume
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