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> Hi devs,
> The purpose of this mail is to decide on some rules for where admin
> related applications should be located. This mail resulted after a
> discussion with Vincent and it was initially started by the proposal to
> move Menu application inside Administration [1].
> Some mentions:
> - Admins should have a central place where they could find all the
> applications they can use and are intended for them. Having a central
> location helps discoverability. Administration would be that place.
> - Applications have configurations and actions. All configurations should
> be in Administration. If the actions are targeted only to Administrators,
> they should be listed also in Administration. We will use TABS, one for
> configuration, one for the actions UI (ex Invitation app). If the actions
> are targeted also to Users, than this application should be publicly
> available (ex User Directory).
> - These mixed target applications, might have admin dedicated actions
> displayed in place (ex. livetable edit, delete entry. ex. Repository app
> import). This is fine since it preserves the context, not all admin actions
> should be present exclusively in Administration.
> - Application Index should contain only applications that are targeted
> towards normal users. Admins will have Administration as entry point.
> - If the application needs to add special permissions to a group of users,
> these can be added with rights, or provide manual links towards the
> application in a custom menu/panel (ex Stats app providing access to a
> particular user).
> This means several changes for the following applications:
> Bundled apps listed in AppIndex:
> 1. Invitation App - Move the actions (Invitation.WebHome) to
> Administration. Use ConfigurableClass and create a new Tab containing the
> actions. Remove the AppBar entry (UIExtensionClass).
> 2. Panels - move to Administration, remove the AppBar entry.
> 3. Menus - move to Administration, remove the AppBar entry.
> 4. Scheduler - move to Administration, remove the AppBar entry.
> 5. Tour - move to Administration since it contains tour definitions.
> 6. User Index - leave it public, but remove the AppBar entry since there
> is a dedicated Drawer entry.

FlamingoThemes also fall into this category, so they should be integrated
in Administration, but they didn't had AppBar entries. FTR there was an
older / deprecated proposal about this

Maybe some other apps are missing from this list.


> Recommended apps:
> 7. Antispam tool app - move to Administration, remove the AppBar entry.
> 8. Nested pages Migrator - move to Administration, remove the AppBar
> entry.
> 9. Filter Streams Converter Application - move to Administration, remove
> the AppBar entry.
> 10. Flash Messages Application - move to Administration, remove the AppBar
> entry.
> Note:
> - In case we might have a lot of applications listed in Administration, we
> might need in the future to reorder them and prioritize some. We might need
> to introduce the concept of Simple / Advanced administration, where in
> Simple we could have just the applications that are mandatory for the
> initial configuration flow. This should be discussed later.
> Let me know what you think,
> Caty
> [1] http://xwiki.markmail.org/thread/romxz7iylujslg36

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