On Thursday, 8 August 2013 at 18:53:47 UTC, Gary Willoughby wrote:
I've just finished a new blog article on the subject of alternative function syntax in D. I guess this is pretty straightforward stuff to all the people here but was a major source of confusion to me (and others?) when first learning D.

I personally think this is more confusing than many people think. Hopefully this will quickly arm a developer with knowledge to be able to read and understand most D code. Let me know if i've missed anything important.


I'll post to reddit in the morning.

I think you should mention the terms UFCS and IFTI, since those are used by D folk.

UFCS: Universal Function Call Syntax, i.e. dot notation.
IFTI: Implicit Function Template Instantiation, i.e. template parameters can be omitted when they can be deduced from the function arguments.

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