On 12.11.2013 08:25, evilrat wrote:
On Sunday, 10 November 2013 at 08:53:08 UTC, evilrat wrote:
ok i forgot about output pane. so what i see here...

ConsoleApp1\Debug\ConsoleApp1.pdb: cannot load PDB helper DLL

so the problem with debug server formats?
i wish it would work with visual studio 2013 soon, but at least x64
debug works so i can continue using it for now \0/

This message is emitted by cv2pdb that is used to convert the debug information to a pdb file. Unfortunately cv2pdb is not yet updated for VS2013. I haven't tried it, but a workaround might be to copy the file vc\bin\mspdb120.dll to mspdb110.dll.

If you switch the debugger to "Mago", the conversion is no longer needed, so you can still build and debug Win32 executables.

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