On 1/18/2014 7:33 AM, Daniel Murphy wrote:
"Andrew Edwards"  wrote in message news:lbe25n$2rrh$1...@digitalmars.com...
Thanks. New file uploaded.

Looking much better.

I extracted this beta and the last release, and diffed the result of `dir /s` to
see what changed.

Some of these may be intentional, thanks to problems with the old zip

- There are .DS_Store file scattered around now, these should be removed
- This does not have the right version of optlink - has 8.00.13 should be
8.00.15 (check it's 223,260 bytes)
- dmd2\windows\lib64 is gone...
- gained phobos\std\typelist.d
- lost a bunch of files in dmd2\src\druntime\src\gc
- XXX\dmd2\src\VERSION now has a windows line-end... not sure if this is a
problem or not

It's a problem. There cannot be line endings in it.

- libcurl_stub.c appeared in XXX\dmd2\linux\lib*
- XXX\dmd2\html\d\phobos\phobos.html disappeared

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