On 21 Jan 2014 08:00, "eles" <e...@eles.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday, 21 January 2014 at 00:30:30 UTC, bearophile wrote:
>> Andrew Edwards:
>>> When submitting bug reports associated with this review, ensure they
are earmarked [REG2.065-b1] or [BUG2.065-b1] for easy identification,
retrieval and merger.
>> So far I am not finding many bugs in this. But when is the work on 2.066
going to start? There are many patches. And what's the focus (if it has
one) of D 2.066? I suggest to warn/deprecate all that should be deprecated
(built-in sort, old operator overloading, etc), and introduce some of the
little breaking
> complex numbers
> -property

First fish operators, then complex numbers /me thinks.

Also, wave farewell to any complex library C bindings. :)


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