On Monday, 27 January 2014 at 16:42:14 UTC, Sarath Kodali wrote:
p1.1 SUSPENDED  [D main in dbg.d]
179:      auto cmd = new Command(uiType);
dbg> step -o
p1.1 STEPPED  [D main in dbg.d]
180:      cmd.rc_exec(GLOBAL_DBGRC_FILE);

Would you mind putting the line number in the same line as the file name? I'm working on a debugger plugin for Vim, and I would obviously want to support your debugger once it's released. I find it easy to interpret the debugger output line by line, and it really makes things hard when I have to join data from multiple lines...

You said you want to add JSON and\or CSV output formats, Vim doesn't support JSON natively and CSV is still multiple lines. So, if it wouldn't be too hard having data in the same line can be really be helpful!

This is also true when printing values - having the expression and the result printed at the same line makes things easier to interpret.

BTW, would you mind picking a different name? I understand that "dbg" stands for "D Debugger", but there is already a debugger named "dbg"(http://www.php-debugger.com/dbg/) and with a name so generic I would be surprised if there aren't other debuggers with that name...

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