On 28/01/2014 03:00, Sarath Kodali wrote:
On Monday, 27 January 2014 at 18:10:03 UTC, Alexander Bothe wrote:

Which OSs are supported?
Which compilers are supported, which debug info base is used?
Is the info directly extracted from the executable aka Dwarf/CV4/PDB

The sample debug session looks cool, so I'd really like to know this
to estimate whether it's worth to integrate it into Mono-D or other
IDEs :-)

Next month I will be releasing an alpha version with support for Linux,
x86, Elf+Dwarf, DMD and GCC. But in the coming months I will add support
for other 64 bit OSes and compilers. I'm also planning to add a JSON or
CSV output format so that it will be easy to parse the output when
integrating with IDEs. So I would recommend that you wait till I release
1.0 version - sometime before Dconf 2014 - hopefully!

Thanks for the interest,

Ok, going on the contrarian view here, but if those are your supported OSes/compiler, isn't that need fairly adequately filled by GDB at the moment? Why start work on a whole new compiler? Particularly, the Windows debugging scene for D is much more lacking than Linux, so I'm failing to see why all the enthusiasm around here...

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