On 05.02.2014 14:20, Benjamin Thaut wrote:
Am 05.02.2014 13:21, schrieb Manu:
Any chance you can release a beta with that settings bug fixed?
I've supervised 2 new VD installs the last couple of days, and they all
suffer the problem with the mspdb dll path not being remembered in the
exe path settings.

Temporary workaround:


The x64 settings that go wrong are ExeSearchPath64 and LibSearchPath64. They are written to DMD.ExeSearchPath64 and DMD.LibSearchPath64 instead, so if you copy/rename those entries in the registry hive pointed to by Benjamin, that should be picked up with the next start.

Download and run. This is for visual studio 2010. If you need it for a
different version you have to open it with a text editor and change
"10.0" to "11.0" for 2012 and "12.0" for 2013.

Kind Regards
Benjamin Thaut

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