First I would like to say thanks to Martin Nowak, Kenji Hara, Jordi Sayol and Brad Anderson for their support. Their efforts directly impact my ability to prepare the releases and they work tirelessly to ensure that it happens.

RC1 is available for review:

    All Systems:





As always, remaining regressions are located here:

@Sönke Ludwig, please verify that this is fixed and update issue accordingly:

@Timothee Cour, your attention is required on

@All Core Devs, request a coordinated effort over the next week as we gear up for this release. This has been a long process and I do appreciate your support. The aim here is to publish a final release by next Monday with all outstanding regressions addressed. I will produce multiple RCs over the course of the week if required, however, the target release date for 2.065 is 24 Feb (EST).


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