I have a quandary you might be able to help with, Ben.

I've been working on moving dependency resolution things to cmDependsD.cxx, and I've got it mostly working.

However, if we have gdc produce make-style dependencies (which will still require processing to get CMake to be happy), that requires me to put a special case in the C++ that I'd rather not have.

The way I see it, there are three possibilities here:
1. Keep gdc producing make-style deps, and deal with that as needed. 2. Have gdc produce dmd-style deps, and let the patched Ninja you mentioned use that. 3. Have a separate flag registered for the two different styles of dependencies.

I'm quite partial to number 3, as I could then use that to check which flags are defined for which style is supported, and act accordingly. I prefer that to hardcoding "gdc does this. Anything else does this other thing."

It should be noted that (AFAICT), the Ninja generator is the only thing that even considers ${CMAKE_DEPFILE_FLAGS_<lang>}. All the Makefile generators (basically everything but Ninja, VS, and possibly XCode) use the cmDepends system.


 - Trent

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