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This is all very interesting. I have two questions.

1. Do you plan to get this merged back into CMake proper?

Ideally, yes. But things are still in early stages, and that is up to people who aren't me. Perhaps Ben can shed light on if Kitware wants something like this upstream. However, I effectively need CMake for a personal project, so I'll continue maintaining this even if Kitware refuses an upstream merge. Once things stabilize a bit more, I'll keep up-to-date binaries published, too.

2. Could I use it to handle my weird build process?

At the moment I am working on something which requires
a strange build process, and I have been struggling to
implement it with existing build tools. First it needs to
compile and run a D program, which generates .d and .cpp files. Then, it needs to take all of those D and C++ sources and build one library out of them. This all works, I just need to get a build tool that
does it all in one 'make' command or similar.

Yep, that sort of thing works:


    cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.0)
    project(example D)

    add_executable(codegen codegen.d)
        OUTPUT generated.d
        COMMAND codegen
    add_library(generated generated.d)

    import std.file;

    void main()
            int myfunc()
                return 42;

Then, to use CMake to generate Makefiles (or various other build systems) and build:

    mkdir ../path/to/builddir
    cd ../path/to/builddir
    cmake ../path/to/sourcedir
    make -j4

Luckily for you, an old pet project of mine does something similar to what you describe. I intend on reviving it in the near future, and moving from a hacky shell script build system to a CMake one. So, if something breaks, I'll be sure to fix it.

Be warned, however, that this project is still subject to significant changes. For instance, I'm in the process of replacing include_text_directories with include_directories(TEXT), and thus improving the way -J flags are managed. I'm sure other things will come up and need changed as we encounter bugs.

 - Trent

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