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On 4/8/14, Andrei Alexandrescu <seewebsiteforem...@erdani.org> wrote:

Btw, w.r.t. #2:

W.B.: I've had to learn how to manage a project where people are all
volunteers. Since I don't pay anybody anything, I can't tell anybody to do

As a contributor I take a different stance here. When Andrei/Walter or
someone from the "higher ranks" asks me about working on a specific feature
or pull I'll be ready to jump on it as soon as possible. To me the issue was
never about finding what to work on, but prioritizing what's important.

So I wouldn't necessarily say that requesting someone to work on something
would look bad or be perceived as wanting that someone to do work for free. I
think there's plenty of us here who are eager to work on things.

I know Andrei said he already tried to ask some members of the community to
work on some issues, to no avail. I don't know which issues they were though,
but if I'm involved in any of them just ping me and I'll jump to work ASAP.

What can I say? This is awesome!

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