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El 11/04/14 12:10, Walter Bright ha escrit:

but hey, now we have D.

Yeah, I like D far better than Java.


So do I. But for Java there is Hibernate, Hadoop, Cassandra, DI, JSF, JMS, JTA, SOAP, REST, vert.x, Quartz, web servers, application servers, various NoSQL-DBs and I don't know what. As you most often need some of those things in enterprise computing I'm pretty much bound to Java.

There are a number of job adds for Go developers (see http://golangprojects.com). Go seems to be a good complement for Ruby, Python, PHP which are slow and have bad concurrency. Then Go seems to appeal to companies whose product is some server-side application (like some cloud offering or PaaS).

I believe D could also play well in this server-side arena like Go. Maybe with the FiberScheduler developed by Sean Kelly D can also offer "dead-simple" concurrency and be appealing to developing cloud solutions or other style of server-side applications for which easy concurrency is a big plus.

-- Bienlein

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