We've just uploaded new binary releases to

## GDC changes ##

As we merged the first parts of Daniel Greens MinGW changes
back into GDC we now also provide initial (automated) MinGW builds.
These builds are mostly unsupported and will likely have many more bugs
than the older releases posted by Daniel so don't expect too much.

Other changes:
* Fixed gcc.attribute
* Added support for target attributes (import gcc.attribute;
  @attribute("naked"))  http://wiki.dlang.org/GDC/Using_GDC#Attributes

See https://github.com/D-Programming-GDC/GDC/commits/master for more

## Toolchain changes ##
* Changed file permissions of toolchains to read/write
* Added READMEs to all toolchains
* Toolchain binaries ($TARGET-gdc) now show the build date,
  DMDFE version, and gdc git revision in --version output

## ARM changes ##
The arm native compilers should now run on older ARMv5 processors as
well. (Generated D code already worked on these processors, but the gdc
compiler did not run correctly on these systems)

There's also a new guide on the wiki showing how the filesystem of a
real machine can be used by cross-compilers. This way the
cross-compilers have access to all libraries installed on the machine.

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