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We've just uploaded new binary releases to

## GDC changes ##

As we merged the first parts of Daniel Greens MinGW changes
back into GDC we now also provide initial (automated) MinGW builds.
These builds are mostly unsupported and will likely have many more
bugs than the older releases posted by Daniel so don't expect too

Glad to hear there is some progress here, but are there plans to make
this supported in the future?

Also, what is the difference between Daniel Green's build, and the
native Standard Builds?

Daniels builds apply some more patches, see
https://github.com/venix1/MinGW-GDC for details.
The builds on gdcproject.org use the standard git sources of gdc which
only include the subset of these patches that's necessary to compile &
run a hello world program.

I'm not familiar with the internals of compiler and runtime architecture,
but I'm curious, why is is that so many complicated patches are necessary?
I understand the D runtime has to access Windows API, correct? But that
should all be available in the MinGW target as well, no? Otherwise, what is
the difference here when DMD for Windows is compiled, vs when GDC is

DMD x86 on Windows uses the Digital Mars toolchain for linking, etc.
DMD x86_64 on Windows uses the MSVC toolchain for linking, etc.
GDC on Windows uses the GNU toolchain for linking, etc.

Yeah, this much I knew already.

Another potentially crucial difference is that DMD compiles directly
to object file.  GCC requires an assembler installed.  This probably
does make it easier for DMD to invented custom sections for its own

So it's not so much the D runtime (the 'core', 'rt', 'gc', etc, modules of the D standard library) that is lacking and in need of patches/changes, but rather the DMD frontend and code generator, right?
If so, I think I understand.

Bruno Medeiros

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