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I would like to announce my project, DlangUI library - cross-platform GUI for D.
License: Boost License 1.0

Native library written in D (not a wrapper to other GUI library) - easy to extend. As a backend, uses SDL2 on any platform, Win32 API on Windows, XCB on Linux. Other backends can be added easy.
Tested on Windows and Linux.
Supports hardware acceleration - drawing using OpenGL when built with version=USE_OPENGL.
Unicode support.
Internationalization support.
Uses Win32 API fonts on Windows, and FreeType on other platforms.
Same look and feel can be achieved on all platforms.
Flexible look and feel - themes and styles.
API is a bit similar to Android UI.
Flexible layout, support of different screen DPI, scaling.
Uses two phase layout like in Android.
Supports drawable resources in .png and .jpeg, nine-patch pngs and state drawables like in Android.
Single threaded. Use other threads for performing slow tasks.
Mouse oriented.

Actually, it's a port (with major redesign) of my library used for cross-platform version of my application CoolReader from C++.

State of project: alpha. But, already can be used for simple 2D games and simple GUI apps. I'm keeping in mind a goal to write D language IDE based on dlangui. :)
Adding support of 3D graphics is planned.

Currently implemented widgets:

TextWidget - simple static text (TODO: implement multiline formatting)
ImageWidget - static image
Button - simple button with text label
ImageButton - image only button
TextImageButton - button with icon and label
CheckBox - check button with label
RadioButton - radio button with label
EditLine - single line edit
EditBox - multiline editor
VSpacer - vertical spacer - just an empty widget with layoutHeight == FILL_PARENT, to fill vertical space in layouts HSpacer - horizontal spacer - just an empty widget with layoutWidth == FILL_PARENT, to fill horizontal space in layouts
ScrollBar - scroll bar
TabControl - tabs widget, allows to select one of tabs
TabHost - container for pages controlled by TabControl
TabWidget - combination of TabControl and TabHost

Layouts - Similar to layouts in Android

LinearLayout - layout children horizontally or vertically depending on orientation
VerticalLayout - just a LinearLayout with vertical orientation
HorizontalLayout - just a LinearLayout with vertical orientation
FrameLayout - all children occupy the same place; usually onle one of them is visible TableLayout - children are aligned into rows and columns of table

List Views - similar to lists in Android UI API.
ListWidget - layout dynamic items horizontally or vertically (one in row/column) with automatic scrollbar; can reuse widgets for similar items ListAdapter - interface to provide data and widgets for ListWidget WidgetListAdapter - simple implementation of ListAdapter interface - just a list of widgets (one per list item) to show

Sample project, example1 contains demo code for most of dlangui API.

Try it using DUB:

    git clone https://github.com/buggins/dlangui.git
    cd dlangui
    dub run dlangui:example1

Fonts note: on Linux, several .TTFs are loaded from hardcoded paths (suitable for Ubuntu). TODO: add fontconfig support to access all available system fonts.


// main.d
import dlangui.all;

/// entry point for dlangui based application
extern (C) int UIAppMain(string[] args) {
    // resource directory search paths
    string[] resourceDirs = [
appendPath(exePath, "../res/"), // for Visual D and DUB builds
        appendPath(exePath, "../../res/") // for Mono-D builds

// setup resource directories - will use only existing directories
    Platform.instance.resourceDirs = resourceDirs;
    // select translation file - for english language
    Platform.instance.uiLanguage = "en";
    // load theme from file "theme_default.xml"
    Platform.instance.uiTheme = "theme_default";

    // create window
Window window = Platform.instance.createWindow("My Window", null);
    // create some widget to show in window
window.mainWidget = (new Button()).text("Hello world"d).textColor(0xFF0000); // red text
    // show window
    // run message loop
    return Platform.instance.enterMessageLoop();

DDOC generated documentation can be found there: https://github.com/buggins/dlangui/tree/master/docs
For more info see readme and example1 code.

I would be glad to see any feedback.
Can this project be useful for someone? What features/widgets are must have for you?

Best regards,
     Vadim  <coolreader....@gmail.com>

Thanks a million! Please keep it up. Finally we get our own GUI. I've been dreaming of this for years. As has been mentioned before, bindings are only as good as the UI they bind to. With a native UI you can use the full power of the language itself. Talking about templates and stuff ...

Are you planning to make it C(++) compatible so that non-D-people could use it too?

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