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I would like to announce my project, DlangUI library - cross-platform GUI for D.
License: Boost License 1.0

Native library written in D (not a wrapper to other GUI library) - easy to extend. As a backend, uses SDL2 on any platform, Win32 API on Windows, XCB on Linux. Other backends can be added easy.
Tested on Windows and Linux.
Supports hardware acceleration - drawing using OpenGL when built with version=USE_OPENGL.
Unicode support.
Internationalization support.
Uses Win32 API fonts on Windows, and FreeType on other platforms.
Same look and feel can be achieved on all platforms.
Flexible look and feel - themes and styles.
API is a bit similar to Android UI.
Flexible layout, support of different screen DPI, scaling.
Uses two phase layout like in Android.
Supports drawable resources in .png and .jpeg, nine-patch pngs and state drawables like in Android.
Single threaded. Use other threads for performing slow tasks.
Mouse oriented.

Actually, it's a port (with major redesign) of my library used for cross-platform version of my application CoolReader from C++.

State of project: alpha. But, already can be used for simple 2D games and simple GUI apps.
I'm keeping in mind a goal to write D language IDE based on dlangui. :)
Adding support of 3D graphics is planned.

Currently implemented widgets:

TextWidget - simple static text (TODO: implement multiline formatting)
ImageWidget - static image
Button - simple button with text label
ImageButton - image only button
TextImageButton - button with icon and label
CheckBox - check button with label
RadioButton - radio button with label
EditLine - single line edit
EditBox - multiline editor
VSpacer - vertical spacer - just an empty widget with layoutHeight == FILL_PARENT, to fill vertical space in layouts HSpacer - horizontal spacer - just an empty widget with layoutWidth == FILL_PARENT, to fill horizontal space in layouts
ScrollBar - scroll bar
TabControl - tabs widget, allows to select one of tabs
TabHost - container for pages controlled by TabControl
TabWidget - combination of TabControl and TabHost

Layouts - Similar to layouts in Android

LinearLayout - layout children horizontally or vertically depending on orientation
VerticalLayout - just a LinearLayout with vertical orientation
HorizontalLayout - just a LinearLayout with vertical orientation
FrameLayout - all children occupy the same place; usually onle one of them is visible
TableLayout - children are aligned into rows and columns of table

List Views - similar to lists in Android UI API.
ListWidget - layout dynamic items horizontally or vertically (one in row/column) with automatic scrollbar; can reuse widgets for similar items
ListAdapter - interface to provide data and widgets for ListWidget
WidgetListAdapter - simple implementation of ListAdapter interface - just a list of widgets (one per list item) to show

Sample project, example1 contains demo code for most of dlangui API.

Try it using DUB:

    git clone https://github.com/buggins/dlangui.git
    cd dlangui
    dub run dlangui:example1

Fonts note: on Linux, several .TTFs are loaded from hardcoded paths (suitable for Ubuntu).
TODO: add fontconfig support to access all available system fonts.


// main.d
import dlangui.all;

/// entry point for dlangui based application
extern (C) int UIAppMain(string[] args) {
    // resource directory search paths
    string[] resourceDirs = [
        appendPath(exePath, "../res/"),   // for Visual D and DUB builds
        appendPath(exePath, "../../res/") // for Mono-D builds

    // setup resource directories - will use only existing directories
    Platform.instance.resourceDirs = resourceDirs;
    // select translation file - for english language
    Platform.instance.uiLanguage = "en";
    // load theme from file "theme_default.xml"
    Platform.instance.uiTheme = "theme_default";

    // create window
    Window window = Platform.instance.createWindow("My Window", null);
    // create some widget to show in window
window.mainWidget = (new Button()).text("Hello world"d).textColor(0xFF0000); // red text
    // show window
    // run message loop
    return Platform.instance.enterMessageLoop();

DDOC generated documentation can be found there: https://github.com/buggins/dlangui/tree/master/docs
For more info see readme and example1 code.

I would be glad to see any feedback.
Can this project be useful for someone? What features/widgets are must have for you?

Best regards,
     Vadim  <coolreader....@gmail.com>

Hi Vadim,

I am evaluating GUIs for a project I have in mind and the DLangUI looks interesting...

First problem: you need to add gl3n to the git clone list for developing under Visual-D.

I am having problems running (debugging) the example1 program. When loading the resources it gets to tab_up_background.9.png (line 579 in file resources.d) and then fails with an exception:

"Unhandled exception at 0x0044f932 in example1.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000."

Do you have any clues as to what the problem could be?


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