On Sunday, 15 June 2014 at 17:35:59 UTC, Bob Tolbert wrote:
In order to learn D, I've worked up a port of the docopt
commandline parser (original in Python http://docopt.org).


Since this is my first code in D, I apologize in advance for the
mix if Python and C++ idioms. Since this is ported from Python,
with the intention of staying compatible with future Python
versions, some of that is expected, but I look for this as an
chance to learn more about D.

It is also a pretty useful way to write commandline interfaces.
The included example that mimics the git CLI is pretty impressive.

This is also my first submission as a dub project, so hopefully I
got that right as well.

Still needs more tests ported from Python, but it does pass the
entire functional test suite for the current Python version.


Good going bob, I've actually been attempting to write this for the past while too :)
Looks good, and should be very useful to the community!

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