Bob Tolbert, el 15 de June a las 17:35 me escribiste:
> In order to learn D, I've worked up a port of the docopt
> commandline parser (original in Python

THANK YOU. I love docopt!

> Since this is my first code in D, I apologize in advance for the
> mix if Python and C++ idioms. Since this is ported from Python,
> with the intention of staying compatible with future Python
> versions, some of that is expected, but I look for this as an
> chance to learn more about D.
> It is also a pretty useful way to write commandline interfaces.
> The included example that mimics the git CLI is pretty impressive.
> This is also my first submission as a dub project, so hopefully I
> got that right as well.
> Still needs more tests ported from Python, but it does pass the
> entire functional test suite for the current Python version.
> Regards,
> Bob

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